Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Sky is a Showerhead

Random photos in no particular order: uploading is impossible!!

from a shrine in Ejisu outside kumasi. A preist and priestess possessed by gods.

crazy kids in cape coast!

the cheif of Ejisu shaking hands with the river god that has possessed the priestess. scroll past the next one if youre squeemish. its the bull sacrifice. i was that close.

village cheif in a parade in cape coast being carried in a canoe like thing by some of his people with drums following behind him.

kakum national park rainforrest skywalk.

more parade...
thats the bull in its final moments standing in front of the tree that houses the spirit that protects Cape Coast
this was a fetish preistess in Ejisu outside Kumasi at a sunday ritual. She later bit the head off of a live chicken and sacrificed another one in prayer for our safe travels in Ghana.
Kristina, Cecily, Alex and Angie at the only place in Cape Coast with cappicino.
dancers in the parade.

these were the only pictures from the last 4 months i could get to upload! more soon i hope. basically, ghana is beautiful and kind of crazy.

Friday, December 23, 2005

kind of seems impossible.

dear everyone:
Its been a hard few weeks. A big (ok, probably a main) reason has to do with a friend of mine, Alex (of "wow, this universe is not messing around" blog entry fame), who is critically ill with what started as malaria and is now a life threatening case of pnemonia. He has been successfully air lifted from Ghana to San Francisco, and is now in the intensive care unit at UCSF on life support, hooked up to breathing machines in a drug induced coma of sorts.
his sister is regularly updating a blog reguarding his condition, and is asking for good thoughts and prayers en mass, so i thought I'd pass along the link:

Were all pretty (extremely) worried about him and its made for some tense moments and a bittersweet vibe all around. So, if you pray, please pray, and if you dont, i dont know, sing or jump up and down, or pull weeds or do anything with him in mind.

thanks, maggie

Friday, December 09, 2005

wanna hear a joke?

so, as i was turning in my final print project, my fellow student and professor had this exchange:

girl: all right, see you later, merry christmas!
proffesor: are you sure its merry?
girl: (pause) ok then, jesus or joseph christmas!

oh man. it took me a minute but once i got it, as i was walking away, i laughed and laughed.

ok, how about another one? it goes like this:

Q. what did maggie the would-be holiday traveller get for christmas?

A. ...malaria!

hahah-wait, thats not funny, its true.

but its only 1+ malaria, which is the lowest, least vicious kind of malaria, with 3+ being the highest. usually, when Ghanaians get 1+ malaria they dont even take medicine, they just let it ride.

but the policy for californians, when we get anything that even comes close to rhyming with malaria, to take the most potent and fast acting drug avaliable. and thats what im doing.

i dont even feel that bad. just kind of "strange" if you will. tingley, achy, fevery, and exhasted.

other then that, i finished finals, would venture to say i fared between "pretty good" and "very well" and all if my travle plans are up in the air contigent on
a. health
b. safey
c. travel buddies
d. money

so. in other words, i have no idea whats going on.