Saturday, February 18, 2006

Photographic chapter 1- togo and benin

my good friend bernard getting ready for new years in Accra

Terumi, Stella, Myself and Amma (Maame Esi's mother and younger sister) decked out for church on Christmas morning, in front of Stella's childrens school.

at a gas station in Lome, Togo on our way outta town...

arriving safely at the boarder on the other side of the country...

a mosque in downtown Cotounou, Benin out the window of a bushtaxi.

Our guide at the Musee du Silva

father and son at Crystelle's in Porto Novo

Kenneth, Terumi and I on a moto scooting around the Rue de Esclaves in Ouidah Benin.

New years in Ouidah

The Sacred Forrest, Ouidah

This fetish gaurds the Blacksmith village in Abhomey at night.

Orange seller, Abhomey, Benin

Life is like a musical sometimes....

point A -maggie

point B -terumi

(us with a roucous band of trouble making drummers at celebration in Abhomey)


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