Friday, December 09, 2005

wanna hear a joke?

so, as i was turning in my final print project, my fellow student and professor had this exchange:

girl: all right, see you later, merry christmas!
proffesor: are you sure its merry?
girl: (pause) ok then, jesus or joseph christmas!

oh man. it took me a minute but once i got it, as i was walking away, i laughed and laughed.

ok, how about another one? it goes like this:

Q. what did maggie the would-be holiday traveller get for christmas?

A. ...malaria!

hahah-wait, thats not funny, its true.

but its only 1+ malaria, which is the lowest, least vicious kind of malaria, with 3+ being the highest. usually, when Ghanaians get 1+ malaria they dont even take medicine, they just let it ride.

but the policy for californians, when we get anything that even comes close to rhyming with malaria, to take the most potent and fast acting drug avaliable. and thats what im doing.

i dont even feel that bad. just kind of "strange" if you will. tingley, achy, fevery, and exhasted.

other then that, i finished finals, would venture to say i fared between "pretty good" and "very well" and all if my travle plans are up in the air contigent on
a. health
b. safey
c. travel buddies
d. money

so. in other words, i have no idea whats going on.


At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, and I thought when I got the flue and pnuemonia at the same time during my first winter here in Vermont that was bad......Malaria? Damn girllll.....


At 11:18 AM, Anonymous Pammi said...

1. that merry christmas joke is the best thing i've heard slash read slash seen ever. ahahahahahaha.
2. you have malaria?!
3. i miss you sooooooooo much it hurts.
4. i LOVE you a lot.
5. so, i didn't have finals this quarter and i basically partied for two weeks instead and went to see !!! and have the longest sleepover with Andrea (I definitely used the lack of finals excuse slash she'd have more fun at my house as a reason to have to stay for a week when she had a perfectly good place to stay otherwise) and watch Donnie Darko, Now and Then and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in one night all while eating limited edition white fudge oreos. We also went to Beat It on a whim and I thought of you as I was getting dressed (I wore the same shirt I wore the first time, but a shorter skirt and some mad combat boots). Oh, and we took Varucca to the city dump. Sad times all around that day.
6. Naomi's coming back today! I'll send her you love.
7. I learned how to booty dance.
8. Have a very jesus christmas.


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